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Organic Cotton

Organic cotton is produced and certified to organic agricultural standards. The production sustains the health of  soils, ecosystems, and people by using natural processes rather than artificial inputs. It does not use toxic chemicals or GMO's.


But what does this mean for your little one?


Firstly it means the quality of fabric touching your new-born/babies skin is the best of the best; meaning the materials are softer and gentler, helping your baby feel comfortable and relaxed. Not irritated and itchy, which overall will help your baby settle and sleep better ~ because who wants to sleep in itchy fabric? Secondly, organic cotton is better for the planet which is your babies future and we have to start putting out planet first

Our Aim?

Our aim is by 2023 to have ALL off our designs manufactured in organic cotton. In the past year we have moved to 100% pure cotton and organic cotton, and whilst our pure cotton pieces are delicate and buttery soft, we want to take care of the planet too and this means investing more money into our production process. Watch this space

Cotton Threads
Cotton Threads


Our designs are purposely and thoughtfully made to be timeless, unisex and minimal so that your little ones can wear them again and again and once they've grown out of them, they can be passed onto future siblings and/or other family members. Each piece is made to last, to be a keepsake and most importantly, to be comfortable. 

Our ethos is we believe in slow fashion, not fast fashion. The idea of seasonal products are long gone, because we care for our planet and we care for our children's future. 

Have you heard of the 'simple living' concept? We could talk for hours on this topic, on everything from clothing to toys to furniture, it's a really interesting which we encourage you to give a quick google. But the main takeaway for us is it's better to have a small handful of high quality, long lasting pieces; that you know you can mix and match and wash over and over again, rather than having lots of cheap, low quality items that don't last and will ultimately end up in land fill.


Did you know?.....

Our organic cotton fabric uses, on average, 40% less water than non-organic cotton. Which is the equivalent to 22.0 days of drinking water saved, which is 41.7 litres of water saved

Using natural fertilisers and pesticides leads to a reduction of CO2 and other greenhouse emissions. This equals to 0.6km of driving emissions avoided and 144.1 grams of CO2 emissions avoided

Cotton Branch
Cotton Field


When sourcing sustainably, it means less energy used as there is less pesticides and irrigation. This is the equivalence to 49.2 hours of bulb energy saved

When sourcing and using organic cotton it means we avoid the use of toxic pesticides, fertilisers and insecticides. Which means it's better for the planet, safer for everyone who grows it and softer for our skin. This then means 134.0 mg of harmful pesticides are avoided! 

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