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T H E     K I N D    C O 


Welcome to the soft life Mamas

From finding out you're pregnant, to delivering your precious bundle of joy, to juggling parenthood and work-life, we want to be there with you every step of the way. We truly truly care about your mothering journey. Expecting your baby is literally one of the best feelings and experiences you can go through. Even though it's tough, you'll look back and realise what an absolute wonder woman queen you were to do it.

The Kind Co was started by me, Amelia back in 2018, when my first born was a few months old. We specialise in all things minimal, modern and motherhood.  Our range is designed for the journey parenting brings whilst making your shopping experience easy and inspired. 

My background working as a buyer for a fast fashion high street retailer inspired me to want to do better for our children and our planet. I wanted to design pieces that were eco friendly, soft on our babies skin, simple, stylish and minimal.

As a brand we are passionate about spreading love and kindness through our messaging, whilst playing around with fun tag lines to create the perfect Mama outfit (say hello to our NO SLEEP CLUB collection). 

We are working towards making kindness 'the norm' and ultimately we just want to make you and your little one smile whilst wearing our carefully curated pieces.


Our designs are not seasonal or 'fast fashion', but instead designed to last all year round and to be passed from sibling to sibling. We have created an amazing community of Mums on social media who love to help out, offer advice or a giggle and are always there for a chat. Come and join us and share your parenting journey:
"parenting is so rewarding but it is also hard... so lets teach our little ones to be kind and allow them to be little, that little longer"
Amelia : Founder of The Kind Co
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